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It ended up like..

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Those were the days..

Having no enough money to support the operation of her daughter, Regina was forced to took-in action and asks help from Santy, Chastity’s father. Upon the knowledge of what happened to his daughter, Santy didn’t have second thoughts to provide for the operation of his daughter.

For several day’s Chastity stayed in the Hospital so that her condition will be monitored by her doctor. Even though she’s only six years old at that time, she had a thought that her operation was somehow a blessing in disguise for her. Maybe she suffered from an illness but her family was reunited again. Chastity felt a kind of fulfillment after seeing her parents watching over her.

The operation day arrived. Chastity calmly lied down the stretcher and stares at her parents while the nurses deliver her to the operation room. Before she enter the room, she was injected an anesthesia and alas! She’s inside the room.

Two days later, she was allowed to discharge from the Hospital. They went to Santy’s house, since Regina couldn’t afford the expenses of Chastity’s medications, she agreed to stay in Santy’s house until Chastity recover. They will live inside one roof again, that was the time that Chastity felt complete again, thanks to her operation.


A Blessing in Disguise

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Those were the days..

In the verge of breaking down, Regina, Chastity’s mother, took-in the responsibility of raising and taking care of Chastity by herself. Regina, at that time, was only 19 years old. She’s not well-equipped in being a mother, but despite of her incapability, she inserted full efforts to raise Chastity in the best way she can.

Through Regina’s undying love for her daughter, she looked for a job to support the needs of Chastity, specially, her studies. At the age of three, Chastity began schooling, she’s in nursery level, though the tuition fee is high, Regina pursue this for the sake of Chastity. After 10 months, all of Regina’s effort paid off because, Chastity end up to be the Top 1 in her class, tears came rushing down Regina’s face, seeing her child blooms even without her father.

Everything was working out the way Regina wants it to be, until one time…

— Taking advantage of her childhood life, Chastity enjoys playing with her friends. One day, while Regina is preparing for their lunch, Chastity rushed to their house crying, bothered, Regina asked her the reason why she is crying, Chastity told her mother that her playmates left her, Regina just smiled and hugged her daughter. Chastity didn’t stop crying, all of a sudden, Regina felt a swelling on Chastity’s genital organ, when she checked it, she was shocked after seeing Chastity’s bulging organ. Without hesitation, Regina rushed Chastity to the hospital. Several tests were conducted to find out what’s happening to Chastity. Few hours later, the doctor told Regina that Chastity was diagnosed with Hernia– is the protrusion of an organ or the fascia of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. A hiatal hernia occurs when the stomach protrudes into the mediastinum through the esophageal opening in the diaphragm. Regina don’t know what feeling she is supposed to feel at that very moment, all she knows is this is going to be another challenging bulk in their life.

To be continued…

                The night was dark, the clouds didn’t let any mark of the moon to be seen, and raindrops fall heavily on the roof tops, a new born baby’s cry over lapped the sound of the pouring rain, another angel was sent from the heavens, she was named, “Chastity”.

                A happy couple even became happier after seeing their little angel, sunlight roamed the room and lift the spirit of the family, love was there. She was caressed by her mother’s tender kisses and her father’s caring hands. Everything seems to be perfect. In her mother’s side, she’s the first baby, while in the other, she’s the first baby girl, that’s why people around her love Chastity.

                Her parents we’re teen agers at that time, little quarrels and misunderstanding are just normal to them. Through time, their relationship even got stronger. One year later, a grand celebration was prepared for the first birthday of Chastity. Relatives and close friends of the family graced the party, everyone commended Chastity’s parents for being responsible enough of taking good care of their child.

                Everything seems to be perfect, not until a tsunami hit their still relationship as a bonded family. Chastity was two years old at that time, her parents had a very serious fight and turned out to a separation. Her father left her and her mother without a single notice. All turned black for the two. Especially to the little one who doesn’t even know what she’s up to when she grow up not having a father to guide her and give her love that only a father can give. Challenges await her life, a life worth living for Chastity, started with a painful goodbye.