Hello! It’s me, Chatty :)

Hi there my friend! I’m Chatty from Valenzuela City, Philippines. A mass communication student at Emilio Aguinaldo College, a staff writer at the Magdalo Publication.

I love singing, dancing, acting, writing, reading, joking around, chatting with friends, listening to music,loving my family and friends, and talking to God.

I’m a strong person, though you will often see me cry. For me, crying is not a sign of weakness, instead, that’s my way of saying,  I can endure the pain,  it’s just that I’m too strong to keep my mouth shut and just let my eyes let go my unspoken words. Too poetic? Kinda. 🙂

Feel free to read my blogs, all about a girl’s journey in life .. Be inspired .. Be happy 😀

  1. JustNez says:

    Can’t wait to read more! (Thanks for visiting)

  2. hi chatty! your story was beautiful and thanks for following me. i followed you and want to hear back from you! 🙂

  3. bestindubai says:

    Hello Chatty

    Thanks for following my blog…your post are really good.. keep updated..i followed you, waiting for your next post…:)

  4. Hi Chatty,

    Thanks for your comment on my Blog.
    Always cheer up ok !!
    I followed you and will inform my friends to follow you too.

    Nice to know you
    Best Regards,

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