Start of a Life Worth Living

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Those were the days..

                The night was dark, the clouds didn’t let any mark of the moon to be seen, and raindrops fall heavily on the roof tops, a new born baby’s cry over lapped the sound of the pouring rain, another angel was sent from the heavens, she was named, “Chastity”.

                A happy couple even became happier after seeing their little angel, sunlight roamed the room and lift the spirit of the family, love was there. She was caressed by her mother’s tender kisses and her father’s caring hands. Everything seems to be perfect. In her mother’s side, she’s the first baby, while in the other, she’s the first baby girl, that’s why people around her love Chastity.

                Her parents we’re teen agers at that time, little quarrels and misunderstanding are just normal to them. Through time, their relationship even got stronger. One year later, a grand celebration was prepared for the first birthday of Chastity. Relatives and close friends of the family graced the party, everyone commended Chastity’s parents for being responsible enough of taking good care of their child.

                Everything seems to be perfect, not until a tsunami hit their still relationship as a bonded family. Chastity was two years old at that time, her parents had a very serious fight and turned out to a separation. Her father left her and her mother without a single notice. All turned black for the two. Especially to the little one who doesn’t even know what she’s up to when she grow up not having a father to guide her and give her love that only a father can give. Challenges await her life, a life worth living for Chastity, started with a painful goodbye.

  1. altechian says:

    How sad to see that Chastity is witnessing such unbearable trials instead of seeing so much more about life within the love and guidance of her father. A child growing old without a father is unacceptable, without him the life of Chastity would not have begun. As time goes by I know that Chastity’s heart will be fortify with undying faith, strong courage and high hopes to face all kinds of obstacles but she will risk it all just to have a life worth living for.

    – lhabsIAN

    • mychatty says:

      Yeah. Thanks for the comment 🙂 I know Chastity is strong enough to endure all the pain she experienced and will experience in her life. Let’s just pray for her. Watch out for the next chapters in Chastity’s life, it will be posted soon 🙂 THANKS !!! lotsoflove.

  2. khasmir says:

    Who’s Chastity? Is it true story or just a “composition” of yours..? Sorry for not reading the whole story, I’m kind’a busy right now,don’t worry, i promise to read it next time.Good Job for that work!

  3. khasmir says:

    😦 I wish I didn’t read that, how sad. I hope there will be a better future for her. Do I have to like this post? cause It’s not good if i’ll like a story with a bad ending.right? 😦

    • mychatty says:

      It’s okay if you want to like it.. I’ll appreciate it.. the story doesn’t end yet, I will be posting the continuation of it soon ^_^ week by week. hope you’ll look forward to it. THANKS !

  4. jakesprinter says:

    Very sad broke my heart.

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